NEW RWA Jewels packaging!

The idea of ​​creating a “nice” packaging is always mine
flashed in the head … between a design of a pair of earrings and the intuition of a new collection.
The intention was to give prominence and importance to the characteristic that most associates with my jewels: happiness.
For this reason, the first thing I thought about was color.
The box really wants to imitate one of those packs I usually do
they are found at the checkout in the premises or in supermarkets: this choice is
motivated by the profound conviction that even the most exclusive design
should be made accessible to any woman.
Roberta, in fact, creates her collections with non-precious materials
preferring to use bronze, brass, colored enamels and cubic zirconia
all shades.
Behind this bizarre wrapping you can find the notes relating to the care of the jewel in order to be able to keep the precious, over time, as beautiful as the first one.
The packaging created for the “A-MARE” collection is one
matchbox, which recalls the real sardine packaging, on
which bears the Rwa Jewels brand.
Anyone who decides to purchase an RWA creation is certain to enter
possession of a unique artifact of its kind.

Happy jewels, Made with LOVE <3



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